01. How to download video files and resume downloading.

Downloading videos

  1. Choose video to download in the youtube screen.영화다운1
  2. Click download button on the top.영화다운2
  3. Choose the resolution you want to download, then click ‘Download’ at the bottom of the screen. (You can also just watch the video streaming in the chosen resolution by clicking ‘Play’.)영화다운3
  4. When it starts to download, its status is shown in the notification bar.영화다운4-1
  5. Pulling down notifications bar, you can see the status and information of your downloading video.영화다운5
  6. You can see the download status also in the download list.영화다운7 (1)
  7. When downloading is completed, you can play the video in the download list by touching it, or do more via menu button.영화다운8

Resuming video download

When downloading stopped for any reason, you can just continue to download it from the part it stopped by ‘Resume’ feature. This might not work on some video sites other than YouTube.

  1. Touch menu icon of stopped video.영화다운10
  2. Choose ‘Resume’ to continue downloading.영화다운11