00. How to Install TubeMate.

  1. Visit TubeMate web site. (http://tubemate.net)
  2. Select any site in “verified sites”영어-사이트
  3. Click the link to download  .apk file. (e.g. “Install app”)인스톨앱영어
  4. You can see the status while it’s being downloaded. When downloading is completed, please click the downloaded file.install_downinstall_down_noti
  5. In case the installation is blocked, you might need to allow installation from “Unknown Sources”. It is recommended to check “Allow this installation only” for security.install_block_dlg
  6. Some device might ask to select a package installer.넥서스인스톨(2)
  7. Now you can process the installation of new version of TubeMate.