05. How to use playlist

Tubemate provides its own video/audio playlist features.

1. Adding to playlist
You can add a downloaded vide to a playlist by choosing “Add to playlist” in the option menu of the video in the download list.

You can also add a streaming video to a playlist by choosing “Playlist” button after clicking download button.

2. Creating a new playlist

“Current List” is a default playlist and you can add a new playlist by clicking add button at the top right of the screen.

* “Current List” maintains list of the video currently being played and will be cleared when Tubemate is closed.


3. Adding video to the new playlist

If you choose the playlist you created, the video is added to the list.


4. Managing playlist

After pushing an item for a while, you can arrange order of the item or remove it from the list.


5. Playing playlist

By clicking play button on the top, you can play a playlist.